Organic Jerome's Blend Coffee

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Organic Jerome's Medium Roast Coffee

Our latest blend, Jerome's Blend, is a rich, balanced medium roast whose star of the show is a Premium Grade Ethiopian bean that brings floral & citrus highlights.

  • 12 oz. or 5 lb. option available
  • Certified USDA Organic

How we do things:

  • We roast every Wednesday morning in Minneapolis, so you can know you're getting fresh roasted coffee.  A slight difference between the grocery store whose beans have been oxidizing for weeks, if not months, by the time they make it to your kitchen table.
  • For those wanting the best coffee experience we always recommend buying whole bean coffee and grinding at home. We want you to have the freshest coffee experience. Pre-ground coffee increases oxidation and begins to lose its flavors, aromas, and sugars within 20-30 minutes. Whole bean coffee stays fresh and flavorful for 3 weeks. That being said, we also offer ground coffee! We don't think good coffee needs to be pretentious... So if you prefer to buy ground coffee, then you enjoy yourself some ground coffee g dang it.
  • We package our coffee in 100% Compostable Kraft bags. The added cost for eco-friendly packaging is worth it to us knowing that our bags won't still be here in 100 years.
  • Bag includes a one-way valve to help preserve freshness as well as a zipper.

    Who we are:

    Emiliani Coffee is a specialty coffee roasting company based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. We specialize in organic coffees that are ethically produced and roasted-to-order fresh. And we do all of this to bring kids home, giving $1 from every bag sold to organizations that are fighting for kids in the foster care and adoption system.