Every roast at Emiliani Coffee is dedicated to someone we see as a hero who fought for and embodied the same love for kids that we see in St. Jerome. The hope is that through the sharing of their stories, we will all learn from and be inspired by them.

Our current blends are dedicated to:


Mexican Light Roast: Avivah Brown

It only takes 5 minutes of conversation to get a sense of the compassion, strength and love for justice within this woman who has fostered 10 children total, 7 of which occurred in her days of being a single-woman. One of the most compelling things about Avivah’s story, is the way in which her drive to care for kids goes beyond just what is comfortable or easy, but instead is driven by a deep sense for what is right. Today, she and her husband Chris continue to raise their family of fostered and adopted children and model compassion and strength on behalf of children for the rest of us.
Avivah’s passion and drive is one that she invites into every facet of her life, as she has given her professional time and energy to work for different non-profits that are fighting for kids. She was one of the first hires at The Sheridan Story, and today is the Director of Development at Safe Passage for Children, a non-profit group that advocates for improvements in the children’s welfare system.


Peru Medium Roast: George Dennehy

George's story is one that started in a Romanian orphanage after being born without arms, and continues today as a picture of success as a speaker and musician who tours the world sharing a story of inspiration, hope and overcoming challenges. To learn more about George and his family, click here.






  Sumatra Dark Roast: Angela McQueen


Angela is a math and phy ed. teacher in the small town of Matoon where she threw herself at a student who began firing a semi-automatic weapon in the lunchroom; putting a stop to what could have been a devastating tragedy. While everyone who knows Angela emphasizes the way that she is never one to seek the limelight, her heroic acts and love for kids immediately thrust her into the public eye as an inspiration of what a life lived for others and what sacrificing one’s self for kids looks like. To learn more about Angela and her story, click here.


Do you know someone who is inspiring in the way they lived their life for kids? Tell us about them here. We love gathering stories of inspirational individuals who fought/are fighting for kids with their life.