Social Responsibility

Emiliani Coffee Social Responsibility
Every brand built by Fight For Something exists to fight for things that matter. For Emiliani Coffee, the main thing we fight for is kids. Learn more about our fight for kids and some other aspects of our social responsibility below that you might be interested in.

Bringing Kids Home:

Like St. Jerome Emiliani, we hope to be able to say without a shadow of a doubt that we fought for kids with everything we had at our disposal. For every bag of coffee we sell, we are proud to invest $1 into organizations working in foster and adoption care. The number of problems that would be fixed in the world if every kid grew up in a home where they knew they were loved and knew they belonged goes beyond what most of us think. We want to play whatever small role we can in making that a reality.

The non-profits we're currently investing in are:

  1. The Reel Hope Project: Makes videos of kids waiting to be adopted and mobilizes communities to bring foster kids into adoptive families.
  2. Safe Passage for Children of Minnesota: Relentlessly advocates for a Minnesota Child Protection System in which children are safe and reach their full potential.


Weighing out the impact of packaging is a constant battle that every retail company faces. In an age of online shopping and consolidation, most companies try to win in the age of price wars by packaging in the cheapest possible way... Usually plastics and materials that will sit in the landfill forever. We don't want to play that game. 

We're proud to share that in line with the rest of the Fight For Something brands, Emiliani Coffee does everything we can to minimize our footprint. For us that means 2 things:

  1. We pay the premium for compostable coffee bags that won't sit in a landfill into eternity.
  2. We participate in Fight For Something's Sustainable Packaging Initiative... Where we sacrifice some of the aesthetic of the orders we ship out in order to reuse packaging that already exists in the world. Some people like it... some people don't. At the end of the day, it's one way we're committed to lightening our footprint as a company with our customers.


We're proud to support coffee farms from around the world that support and invest in their communities and workers through dignifying jobs and healthy practices. All of our products are ethically-sourced (usually Fair Trade certified though we are continuously looking into other means of ensuring the protection of the farms and their workers) and are helping to shift one of the most exploited industries in the world towards a more ethical and sustainable standard.