To save you some time, here's a few of the most commonly asked questions:

When will I receive my order?

We ship orders out every Thursday within 6 hours of roasting.  You should have your order within a few days of your roast date. In order to have your order included in a Thursday batch, we must have your order in before the end of the business day on Wednesday.

Do you have a coffee shop?

Not yet. But with every bag that someone buys we get one step closer.

Where can I buy Emiliani Coffee?

Online... but you know that much. You can also find us in various gift shops throughout Minnesota.

What kinds of roasts do you have?

We mix it up, but one thing you'll notice is we don't do a french roast. French roast is a style of roast that burns the beans more than any other roast, and dulls the flavors of the bean. It has become increasingly popular because of the demands of large coffee chains wanting to prioritize consistency over quality. By dulling the flavor of their beans, they can create a more consistent taste across blends from different beans and regions. We're not a large coffee chain. We want our customers to get the full flavor of every bean from Emiliani.

Does your coffee come as whole bean or ground?

Either! You choose at checkout.

We always want you to have the freshest coffee experience possible, so we encourage buying whole bean and grinding at home. Coffee begins to oxidize much more rapidly the moment it is ground and begins to lose its flavors, aromas and sugars within 20-30 minutes. Whole bean coffee stays fresh and flavorful for 3-4 weeks.

All of that being said, we don't think good coffee needs to be pretentious. And if you prefer buying ground coffee... buy ground coffee! We're just proud to get to have a spot in your coffee rotation.

I like what you stand for, but why isn't it cheaper?

Really good question. To be honest we'll never be your cheapest coffee. The reality of just about any retail product in the days of price wars and globalization is that there's a bottom line hard cost... Some business models actually subsidize that bottom line cost and make a product cheaper than it actually is. Someone is paying the price when this happens... Either the people (through unethical labor practices) or the planet (through packaging options that are "cheap" for the consumer but lay a huge tax on the environment). We're committed to ethical sourcing and packaging, which in an era where that commitment isn't the norm, means we'll never be the cheapest option. After all, it'd be kind of self-defeating to build a coffee brand to bring kids home that made use of child labor to develop the product.

For anyone interested in really learning more about the ethics and cost makeup of getting coffee beans on your table, here's a great starter article. We won't be bashful about encouraging people to learn from one of our competitors, Java Presse. The reality is, we love what they stand for and they have done a really good job on becoming educators in the coffee industry.